Sizing & Care


Size Pet Type Chiapas Oaxaca







S 26-34cm 24-29cm
M 35-43cm 30-38cm
L 41-53cm 37-47cm
XL 52-64cm 46-58cm 
The breeds illustrated here are indictive. We recommend that you measure your dog's neck to be able to choose the right size as our beloved pooches come in all shapes and sizes; and as per the handmade nature of our accessories there may be some variations. If the collar you purchase for your pup does not fit correctly, we are happy to swap.

Measure around your dog’s neck with a soft tape measure at the point the collar normally sits. (If you do not have a tape measure, use a piece of strong and then measure it with a rigid ruler). There should always be enough room between your pup’s neck and the collar to slip one finger between them comfortably. This ensures that the collar is not too tight. 


Collar Care


Our collars are made from durable materials to guarantee a durable product, though their resistance will be influenced by your dog’s lifestyle and behaviour.

Wash with soap, warm water and a toothbrush to gently clean between the threads. Dry in the shade, not in the sun, to maintain the textile’s vibrant colours


Pet Safety


Our collars are designed as an accessory for your 4-legged friends and are created using durable hardware in order to keep them safe. However, we do not recommend relying solely on our collars as a primary restraint, especially for those pups who pull strongly. It is always safest to use a harness when attempting to safely restrain your pups